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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in finding cures and saving children. visit zbm and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. we're off to a cloudy start. here's a first look at doppler 7. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. a lot of cloud cover, with that we're insulated and breezy wind. temperatures are quite mild this morning. here's doppler 7. the numbers anywhere from 47 in mt. diablo, 55 in concord and closer to the bay how about 57 in oakland, 55 novato, 51 at the coast. compared to yesterday at this hour, anywhere from about a degree to 11 degrees warmer, especially around the coast.
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now, the winds are going to be a factor. look at them right now. they're gusting to 23 miles an hour in novato, 23 miles an hour at the airport. a brisk day today, cooler, sunshine. the sun is up at 6:23. numbers early this afternoon, 60s to near 70. the clouds increase tonight. we have rain perhaps in the offing. i'll talk about it coming up in a few minutes. >> happening now voters in france and abroad are -- >> reporter: a contentious -- >> here in the bay area, french citizens are getting a chance to cast their ballot with some even lining up for hours. abc 7 news reporter kate larson has the story. looks like we'll move on to our next story and we'll have more details a little bit later in the newscast. now, cafe ba steel in downtown san francisco is opening at 10:00 to broadcast the results of the french presidential election. the final runoff election between the top two candidates
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will take place on may 7th. back here at home, in the south bay, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that gutted a home. abc 7 news was at the scene in sunnyvale as fire fighters surrounded the inferno on el cerno court, near highway 85. fire fighters faced dangerous conditions when they went inside. they were treated from the burning home at around 7:30 last night. >> had fire breakthrough the roof itself. it was unsafe because the roof has solar panels on top. we had roof collapse. the roof is compromised because of fire. that adds more weight to the roof to have it quickly collapse. >> thankfully all of the residents were able to escape. one of them was treated for a minor injury. once it is safe, investigators will look to see how the fire started. happening today, the city of emeryville is giving back to the community this earth day weekend. the community services
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department is asking anyone who wants to help with cleaning up shore bird park to bring buckets, gloves and water bottles. the fire department will conduct a brief training starting at 9:00 this morning in the parking lot of chevy's restaurant on pelk street. volunteers will clean up montclair park and mountain boulevard along the highway 13 fence. that also starts at 9:00 this morning at montclair park on moraga avenue. people across the world marched in the name of science on earth day. they marched here in the u.s., europe, and even antarctica. here in the bay area, thousands rallied for science and called out those who denounce or deny it. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the details. >> reporter: a celebration of earth day at u.c. berkeley, these marchers support science and say climate change and global warming is real. >> we only have one planet and it's really important to fight for it and protect it.
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>> reporter: in san francisco market street was packed wall to wall with thousands of marchers for science. becky brought her daughter from oakland. >> i believe that science is something we shouldn't have to be marching for. yet the current administration has threatened it. >> reporter: many believe president trump has shown little respect for the importance of science. >> basic things under attack which i don't support, i'm also here because i believe science itself and technology regardless of who the president is, should be more inclusive. >> reporter: the march from market street made its way toward civic center. some students came with their science classes. why are you here today? >> because i want to save this earth. >> our planet under attack. >> reporter: before the march, san francisco supervisor jeff sheehey who is hiv positive says
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science saved his life. adam savage says science is no myth. >> we are all -- really want the same thing, which is we want to leave a better world for our kids and our families and our loved ones and our community. if we can agree upon that we can have a reasonable discussion about how to move forward. >> reporter: in an earth day statement, president trump said my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks. science marchers hope some common ground can be reached. they say the environment should not be a partisan issue. in berkeley, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news was also in san jose yesterday when people from all walks of life gathered at city hall to march for science. two marchers shared some insight on what motivated them to join yesterday's event. >> well, we're here to march for science. we support making decisions based on fact and evidence and
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not on ideology and ignorance. >> celebrating the amazing things that science does for us. there's folks who have had organ transplants, medical procedures cures for diseases. >> reporter: organizers said they would like to see all parties of politics support across the country. the city of hayward estimates more than a thousand people marched along the shoreline. they held signs saying science, not silence. ice has no agenda, it just melts. 5:06 is our time. back to the top story happening now, french voters are taking to the polls today to decide which two presidential candidates will move on to a runoff. as mentioned before here in the bay area, french citizens lined up for hours for early voting. here's abc 7 news reporter kate larson with more. >> reporter: a contentious
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election resulting in violence in the streets of paris. as the vote with global impact is underway in france and across the world, here in the bay area, french citizens lined up at the polls in berkeley and san francisco. >> i think they're decent candidates. doesn't matter who you vote for. >> reporter: marine la penne saying as long as ideology cannot be spread in france she is one of four candidates locked in a dead heat. president trump will be a.p. thursday's terrorist attack will probably help the far-right candidate whose campaign has been compared to trump's as she vows to pull france out of e.u. >> we're all about globalization and not creating borders and barriers. she's going to do the same so that's not something we like. we're a very international family. >> reporter: she recently got a french passport and is voting in a french election for the first time. she supports fillon, a main
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street candidate. >> i think people are showing up because they don't want the same thing to happen in france that's happened here with trump and in the u.k. with brexit. >> reporter: manual is leading the polls ahead of la penne. the 39-year-old centrist formed a new party and has never held political office. barack obama called to offer his support. >> i want to wish you all the best in the coming days. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> the fight is coming to the defense of an american airlines flight attendant who appeared to snap at sfo. by now you've seen the video. his angry outburst coming after passengers stood up to him. they say he took away a mother's stroller, accidentally hitting her and just missing her children. the union is urging the company and the public not to rush to judgment until the full story comes out. the union also reminds
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passengers that it is against federal law to threaten a flight attendant with violence. that flight attendant is on paid leave while the airline investigates. the union says tight schedules, overcrowded planes, smaller seats and limited overhead bin space are to blame for the recent rise in clashes between passengers and crew. american refunded the mother's ticket, gave her a $1,000 travel voucher, and put her and her family on a first class flight back to their home country of argentina. 5:09 is the time. lisa, you mention the earlier the clouds out there. >> everyone is in the 50s right now. they will reveal a sunny afternoon, but it's not going to be quite as warm as you hope. 57 in oakland, 53 in san jose. you can see the camera shaking here and we will look for those breezy winds throughout the afternoon. but also there is rain as soon as tomorrow. i'll have it all for you in my accuweather forecast seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. also a look inside the cabin
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where a tennessee teacher hold up with a student he's accused of kidnapping. >> channel 7, the force is with you always. >> and what i a day for self ease in the south bay. you missed the
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tomorrow the tennessee man accused of kidnapping and having sexual contact with a teenage girl is due in federal court in sacramento. on thursday, authorities found the teacher hold up with his student at a remote cabin in siskew county and a 30-day nationwide search for the missing teen. abc news reporter eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: family of the missing teen speaking for the first time since being reunited.
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>> we're all excited. it's like pure joy. >> reporter: 50-year-old todd cummins in fbi custody and facing federal charges after allegedly kidnapping elizabeth thomas and going on the run over a month. what is she like right now? >> in ways she's like herself, but in ways she's not and that's kind of distressing to see her like that. it's troubling. >> reporter: this as we are getting a look inside the remote california cabin where elizabeth was finally found. inside, plywood walls, left over food sitting on bare floors along with survival gear, toilet paper and very little else. no electricity or running water. >> papers. >> reporter: these documents left behind by investigators listing some of the items seized as evidence. bed rolls, socks, beer cans. the nationwide search began after cummins and thomas disappeared march 13th from columbia, tennessee. two days later security video captured them at a wal-mart in
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oklahoma city. they made their way to northern california and stayed at a commune, but left after they were not accepted into the group. >> there were all kinds ever indications something a little strange going on. >> reporter: officials caught up to the pair in the cabin where amber alert poster and called the authorities. surrounded, cummins surrendered without incident. >> someone showed the picture, yeah, that's definitely the guy. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news. >> a woman in wisconsin claims she was burned when a fitbit exploded on her wrist. picks tours have been blurred showing second degree burns. mitchell had worn her fitness tracker two weeks when it exploded as she read a book. >> the fitbit itself totally melted. the bracelet melted. and i got pieces of plastic burned into my arm. >> san francisco-based fitbit says what happened to mitchel is being investigated.
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fitbit's website does include a safety warning about handling the fitness strappers. mitchell insists she was careful with her fitbit. abc 7 news shared the stories of bay area residents who claim that their fitbit chargers gave them rashes. one man even developed skin problems after wearing two different fit bits more than a year ago. the consumer product safety commission received more than 100 complaints about rashes. this came after fitbit made chads to its trackers after people complained of rashes in 2014. an east bay congressman returned to his alma mater yesterday to listen to what people want him to do in shall what wash. abc news was at dublin high school where eric hosted a town hall meeting. around 200 people had the chance to ask him about fiktsing the roads, campaign finance reform, sank ready-to-wear cities. a scout asked about crowded schools in his
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>> [ inaudible ]. >> people are going to develop in our communities, they have to build schools and roads. >> the congressman called on local businesses to engage with children to help them explore future careers. 5:16 is our time. fans at this year's silicon valley comic con say it's the best one yet and there is one day left. abc 7 news went back to san jose last night where we spotted spyder man, wonder woman, and more comics than most people know what to do with. the costumes are a big hit with these lovers of fantasy, sci-fi movies and technology. there were star trek fans a plenty celebrating the 30th anniversary of the next generation. and where else are you going to see a saber sword fight? >> i just love the different costumes here. i like spending time with friends and family here. it's awesome. can't complain, can't complain. i love it. >> even nasa has an exhibit this
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year. comic con continues at 10:00 a.m. at the san jose convention center downtown. you can see apple co-founder steve wozniak and actors pam greer and john cusack. they're not old enough to drive, but a group of bay area kids took apart a car yesterday. abc 7 news was at the space and science center in oakland for the first tinker fest. more than a thousand kids from around the bay area picked up some tools and picked apart cars and electronics, all in the name of science. >> this is a celebration of hands on exploration, playful engaging with materials and tools, taking things apart, putting them together, allowing kids to basically decide what interests them, what ideas they have, and explore them in a fun and playful way. >> the program director hopes to make tinker fest an annual event. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi there, everyone. good sunday morning. look at the cloud cover. making a huge difference in terms of our temperatures this morning.
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live doppler 7, it is very gray out there but that's going to switch and we're going to see plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 40s around black hawk, but elsewhere already in the low to mid 50s from our east bacon corresponded 55, 57 in oakland, 55 san carlos, 46 in los gatos. kind of the outlier, we're in the north bay where we still have mild air. how much warmer? anywhere from 11 degrees warmer at the coast to about 4 to 5 degrees warmer in our inland valleys and that's thanks to the wind mixing the atmosphere. this morning we're warm, ear, this afternoon we'll be cooler as breezy northwest winds keep temperatures in the low 60s here. this is where we'll stay, winds at 20 to 25 miles an hour all day long along the shoreline. if you're making plans to go to the coast it will be breezy, elsewhere a nice sunny day and get isolated from that wind. should feel pretty good out there. so chance of rain arrives tomorrow. clouds increase tonight. you can see the camera shaking a bit here. sunny and warmer by the end of
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the week. we're bringing in the storm impact scale for tomorrow. a very lice system, isolated showers mainly in the north bay, less than a tenth of an inch. pretty much for everybody, just a couple of 100s. check out today, sunshine by early morning. it's going to stay with us. then the clouds increase monday morning 7:00, could see a few showers here along the north coast and then they're kind of spotty and isolated throughout the rest of the day. so, monday the evening commute you could see a few along the coast. maybe along the peninsula. then by 8:00, yeah, more showers. we'll go through your tuesday morning and partly cloudy skies. we'll add up the rainfall from monday through wednesday. you notice most of the rain stays to the north. we'll look at anywhere from 6/100 to 1/100 elsewhere. 68 in los gatos along the peninsula mid 60s for you in redwood city. san francisco breezy in the sunset. north bay look for 70 in santa
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rosa. 66 vallejo. 65 for you today. over in hayward and newark, head inland, 67 in san ramon. if you're headed to east bay look for numbers ranging from 62 at 1:00 for the coliseum. the mariners wrapping up the series there and the accuweather seven-day forecast. shelter yourself from the brisk northwest wind should feel 62 on the coast. 1 on our storm impact scale for showers. lots of clouds, maybe a sprinkle early tuesday and notice the temperatures go up, the sun increases and we are looking very warm, in fact near 80 next weekend. a little patience and we'll get there. >> today not a bad day for baseball. a's hoping for another game again -- win against my ms.
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>> thanks, lisa. penguins at the monterey bay aquarium. the mess whatwhat made them believeace carthat a two-ton behemothhop? could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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♪ gold and silver bouillon has always been for sale. but a flood of fake silver dollars has hit the market. here at 7 on your side's michael finney with that story. >> carter collins is the owner of collectible coins and jewelry in mill valley. >> these are all fake. and these are all real. >> reporter: he is showing me the difference between real and fake silver dollars.
5:24 am
do people bring in fake coins and not know they have fake coins? >> these were all brought in one at a time, no less. none of the people knew they had them. they'd come back from a trip from china or vietnam. >> reporter: online i found plenty of coins and metal bouillon for sale that were listed as fake, replica, souvenir, commemorative and antique imitation. many could be passed off as the real thing to the untrained. >> we've had people that kind of suspected it might be fake, but it's like was too tempting for them to not buy it, and most of the time people, you know, they've been fooled. >> reporter: so, how do you keep from being fooled? there are books that show what to look for when buying coins. buying from a known local source, like san francisco gold buyer, or collectible coins and jewelry is a good idea.
5:25 am
they know the real from the fake. >> $1,921 had a very high rim on it. had a high relief rim. the rim on this one is low, and then the features of ms. liberty there are just kind of mushy and soft. >> reporter: he could go on and on. carter collins had me try the sound test. fake. real. it's even easier hearing it one coin at a time. first fake, then real. it isn't just silver dollars, either. there are reports of fake dimes and plenty of fake gold and silver bouillon being sold online and off. if you plan to collector invest, you must start by educating yourself before you start buying. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> sometimes families need help when they get stranded on the freeway and they can't just
5:26 am
drive away or in this case fly away. you're looking at what happened in petaluma yesterday when a family of canadian geese found themselves stuck in a dangerous spot along highway 101. an animal control officer rounded them up and the geese wattled behind them. >> sometimes they'll be in the worst place. today they're on the freeway and we're able to get them off the off ramp and put them in a patch of grass so it's not too trauma advertising. we could have driven them somewhere, but don't want to separate the mom and the goslings. >> if you see them on the highway, stay in your car. 5:26 is the time. the aquarium got in the earth day with a special march of its own. the march of the penguins, staff guided these african penguins through the gallery. visitors and volunteers cheered them on. the march is an opportunity to raise awareness of the african
5:27 am
penguin. over the last century, its population has been decimated, dropping 97%. these guys are closely monitored as part of a plan to protect them from extinktion. a mixed bag as president trump approaches 100 days in office. an act of kindness by a local dentist giving pe
5:28 am
you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health.
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i'm chris nguyen. we start with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen with a look at the weather. hi, lisa. >> good morning. the trade-off is the temperatures, in the 50s, dublin, pleasanton, 55 in brentwood. elsewhere we're milder with 57 in oakland, 54 in novato and san
5:30 am
francisco. that's all thanks to some wind, but it will keep you cool today at the shoreline. warmer in novato with 4 degrees warmer in livermore. a live look outside, the camera is shaking from up above. we'll look for plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be cool at the coast. just 62 there later in the afternoon. upper 60s around the bay with 70 today in santa rosa. enjoy that sun. we have clouds on the way from monday, potentially showers, a few left over for tuesday, but wait till you see the forecast for the end of the week. i think you're going to like it. we're going to warm you up. chris? >> lisa, thank you. new this morning as president trump approaches his 100th day in office this coming saturday, a poll shows he has the lowest approval rating of any president in polls since 1945. according to a new abc news washington post poll, 42% of americans approve, and 53% disapprove of president trump's performance. and on his 100th day in office the president will hold a rally for his supporters in
5:31 am
pennsylvania instead of attending the white house correspondents dinner. no white house staff plan to attend the dinner either. this week today you'll hear more on the abc news washington post poll and how americans view the start of the trump administration, plus first sunday morning interview as u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions comes this week. you can watch the full interview on "this week" with george steph nop list on 8:00 with abc 7. sue president trump has personally presented a purple heart to a soldier recovering from a devastating injury in the war on terror. private barrietos march 27, 2017, in afghanistan. >> sergeant alvaro barrietos lost part of his leg last month. mr. trump wanted to meet him personally at walter reed army
5:32 am
medical center. >> i'd like to do it myself. congratulations on behalf of melania and myself. >> the president also met with other service members being treated at the large facility outside of washington, d.c. in fresno, dozens of pg&e employees came together to honor one of their employees who was gunned down in a shooting spree last week. they planted trees and held a moment of silence for zach ran dalz, the newly hired utility worker was one of three men kori muhammad shot and killed on tuesday. yesterday'sree planting was already planned for earth day, but because of what happened, fellow workers decided to turn it into a memorial. >> we do everything we can so that we can make sure our employees come home at the end . day. we recognize that both gas and electric work can be dangerous. we give them training, all the equipment. it's a big philosophy of watching out for each other. this is just a circumstance where none of that would have
5:33 am
made a difference and that's i think hard for people to accept. >> there was also a funeral service yesterday for a security guard who was killed in that same shooting spree. police say the killings were motivated by muhammad's hatred of white people. he is in jail and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. time now is 5:33. happy days actress erin moran has died. an emergency crew found her unresponsive yesterday afternoon in indiana. she was 56 years old. happy days co-starz are tweeting about their friend. ron howard said, such sad, sad news. i'll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens. and henry winkler said, oh, erin, now you will finally have the chance you wanted to badly here on earth. rest in it serenely now. in florida there is a state of emergency because of brush fires. at least 7,000 homes have been
5:34 am
evacuated as fire fighters struggle to stop the swift moving flames in three different counties. investigators think an arsonist may be to blame. here is abc news reporter ariel. >> reporter: the smoke is chasing thousands from their homes. >> the police was knocking on my door saying to evacuate. when i came outside i saw a big smoke in the sky. >> reporter: 115 fires raging across florida. >> we got around the house, squirting trees down, squirting fires down. >> reporter: the blaze is moving too fast for fire fighters. >> i came home and there was a big ball of fire. >> reporter: this house charred to smoldering ruin. people forced to run wondering if they'll have homes to return to. this couple saved what they could as a neighbor's house disappeared into flames. >> the house on the other side two story house is completely gone. >> reporter: this baby deer trying to outrace the fire.
5:35 am
black hawk helicopters are dousing from above as residents try to salvage what they can. >> i ran back here through the smoke and fire to try and save our last tractor. >> reporter: new orlando flames shooting up to 150 feet in the air. officials now putting any possible arsonist on notice. >> it will be hotter than this fire until you're locked up in jail. >> reporter: and near fort myers, plumes of smoke filling the air. authorities say a cigarette sparked this blaze that spread two miles and destroyed four homes. a lack of rainfall creating drought in parts of the state, elevating fire danger levels. florida national guard now helping with evacuations. ariel, abc news, new york. >> volunteer dentists are holding a free dental clinic on the peninsula. volunteers transformed an exhibit hall into a giant dental office. yesterday the dentists served 1 240u people.
5:36 am
all the dentists worked on their day off to help folks, many of whom have a hard time paying for dental work. >> it's just as rewarding for the volunteers as it is for the patients. i can't even stress enough how heart warming it is when patients come up to you in tears thanking you, you know, thanking us for giving back their smile and their dignity. >> the free dental clinic reopened just a few minutes ago at 5:30. organizers expect to help 1,000 people again today. we're expecting a banner season for the main culprit for the spread of west nile virus, mow skit owes. last year nor than 400 people were infected and 19 died. abc 7 news reporter david louie has more. >> reporter: magnified, the enemy looks as menacing as its bite. even repellent doesn't keep mow skit owes away for some people. ask randolph from san mateo. >> i have to stay indoors. >> reporter: it could be one of
5:37 am
the worst mosquito seasons in memory. the storms during winter and this spring's showers are leaving standing water everywhere. >> water can collect just about anywhere and, so, people need to make sure their rain gutters are cleaned out and draining, tin cans, flower pots, saucers, anything that holds water is a potential mosquito breeder. >> reporter: his team at santa clara county vector control completed an inventory of swimming pools that can breed mosquitos. certain kinds of mosquitos can transmit west nile and zika viruss. >> we're especially interested in people being bitten during the daytime because this is what the new mosquitos that carry zika virus, they bite during the daytime and they're quite a bit different than our west nile virus mosquitos we're used to. >> reporter: photos can help pinpoint virus clusters. vector control is also breeding its own mosquito fish
5:38 am
distributed free to pool owners to eat larvae in stagnant water. it helps by draining stagnant water from power plants, gutters and any other place mosquitos can breed. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> still ahead on abc 7 mornings, possible changes for sfo including new names for the terminals and it may be just the beginning. we'll explain. but first here's a live look outside from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 pointed at the san francisco sky line. you can see the sales force tower on the right side of your screen. on the screen, shaping up, a beautiful view to wake up to th sunday morning. lisa argen w
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
happening today, the city of san francisco will honor two 49er legends, joe montana and jerry rice. each will be honored with a street in their name and a visionary new neighborhood on the site where candle stick park once stood. the neighborhood is still under development and will become a mixed use community. the dedication ceremony is at 1:00 this afternoon at san francisco city hall. and, lisa, conditions won't be too bad out there. >> yeah, it should be nice. we're going to return to sunny skies today. a little breezy at the coast. a live look outside right now. the sun coming up in about 40 minutes so we can see we have a few scattered high clouds from the south beach camera looking east. temperatures are pretty much all in the 50s this morning. so, warmer this morning, cooler this afternoon. a little spotty shower activity tomorrow, but wait, if you like it warm, you're not going to want to miss the seven-day out
5:42 am
look coming up. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the warriors unbelievable come back victory over the
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning, everyone. time now approaching 5:44 on our saturday morning. temperature in san francisco is currently 55 degrees. and we're taking a live look outside from our abc 7 roof camera. you can see the light installation at the bay bridge looking pretty nice on this sunday morning in sports, the a's and giants are in action today. the giants will try to avoid being swept by the rockies first pitch is 12:10. meanwhile the a's will go for a four-game sweep of the mariners. first pitch is 1:05 p.m. the warriors will be going for their own sweep in portland. last night golden state took best of the hold of 7 series against the trail blazers. here's rick kwan with this
5:45 am
morning's sports. >> good morning. the warriors took on the blazers without steve kerr who isn't feeling well and kevin durant who isn't 100%. durant still nursing a strained left calf. they led by as much a a points. klay thompson with a triple, he finished with 24. goemd enstate would take the lead. curry to andre, iguodala flies in for the slam. overwhelmed. c.j. mccullum from long range led the blazers with 32. but it wasn't enough as curry could not be stopped down the stretch. he finished with a game high 34 points. some great passing here sets up iguodala who delivers the hammer. blazer fans were left stunned. with under a minute left, curry sticks in the dagger with this three-pointer. the warriors rally from 17 down to win 119-113.
5:46 am
they can wrap up the series with a win on monday. mike shumann has more from portland. >> steph curry led a huge come back by the warriors, with 34 poinz. they trailed by 17 at one point but now lead the series three games to none and they can close it out on monday night. >> whatever the game kind of calls for being ready for those moments and -- now that i said that, everybody set foot on the floor and felt the moment in their own way and took advantage of it. that's how we came back. >> any time we're playing against great players it brings out that emotion. this crowd, you know, walking around the floor in the first quarter kind of sparks you to want to shut them up. >> i don't think it's ever been done, somebody coming back from 3 to 0. especially against a team like golden state. but as i'm sure a lot of you guys know, you know, i'm not one to quit. >> in portland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports.
5:47 am
>> the sharks had to win last night or their season was over. welcoming the team at the tank was stan for the football coach and star running back kristen mccaffery. early in the second, a blocked shot leads to a break away for leon dry side l who will beat martin jones. less than a minute later became 2-0. a bad pass sets up this anton break away. he gets his first goal of the playoffs. late in the third, san jose would cut the lead in half as patrick marleau scores what might be his final goal as a shark. joe pavelski had a chance to tie it minutes later but his backhander hits the cross bar. an empty netter made the final 3-1 oilers so the sharks are eliminated from the playoffs, losing 4-2. in baseball the a's win their fifth straight as they beat the mariners 4-3. while the joints continue to struggle. they lost to colorado 12-3. and that is sports for a sunday morning. i'm rick kwan, see you again tonight at 5:00. >> announcer: now your
5:48 am
accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good sunday morning. breezy winds allowing for temperatures to stay up. and live doppler 7 you can see the sweep on top of mount saint helene a. got a slot of a clear sky moving in today, but as i stand out of the way, a lot of energy riding up and over the jet stream and that's going to allow for weak weather systems to flirt with us for a little bit of rain the first couple days of the upcoming workweek. a live look outside from the exploratorium camera about 20 minutes till sunrise. wow, pretty sky. 54 san francisco, 57 in oakland, mid 50s for you in mountain view, half moon bay and san jose, 52. so, yes, it's much, much milder out there from the golden gate bridge. it looks pretty nice with the calm wind for now, but things will change at the coast today. 49 santa rosa with low 50s from livermore to napa, 54 novato and fairfid at 51 degrees. why all the mild temperatures?
5:49 am
well, first issue is the breeze that's keeping the atmosphere well mixed and insulation from the cloud cover. notice 20 to 22 mile an hour winds here. that's going to stay the story today as the camera shakes from the sue row tower camera. it will be breezy from the coast. chance of rainstorm impact scale comes back into play. sunny and warm at the end of the week. if you like springtime you'll like the first part of the week. summertime arrives by friday and saturday. tomorrow isolated showers, mainly in the north bay, tenth of an inch, couple 100s as the rest will see. sunny skies today. this is your hour by hour forecast. as we go through the evening hours, the clouds increase. 7:00 tomorrow rain is to the north, but throughout the day could see a spotty shower here and there. it's 5:00 and we've got perhaps some showers along the coast by 8:00 on monday. and then into early tuesday, notice we still have the cloud cover, we're going to keep the chance of showers with us into your tuesday. so, monday through about
5:50 am
wednesday or tuesday morning, i should say, a couple couple coue should look for things to change dramatically. san jose high 70, 68 today. we're dropping the temperature tomorrow, and looking at the numbers to stay cool mid week. by the end of the week climbing quickly as high pressure builds in about 80 by next saturday. so, livermore same deal, 70 high today. shy of that, cool into wednesday. and then looking at numbers rebounding in a big way by the end of the week. so, breezy 62 half moon bay, 65 in oakland today. some 70s out by santa rosa and up to the north also in the south bay, around morgan hill, the accuweather seven-day forecast. featuring 1 on the storm impact scale tomorrow. download the abc 7 news app and track the showers in your neighborhood. maybe a few sprinkles tuesday, wednesday we'll see more sun and warmth and thursday, friday and saturday, wow, careful what you
5:51 am
wish for. back into summer which features warm weather. >> nice to see a little bit of sun every day leading up to the summer like conditions. >> last week of april. >> lisa, thank you. time 5:50. what's in a name? the answer could be a lot if the name is harvey milk. they are considering naming a street in his honor. jonathan bloom has the story. >> there was a movie about harvey milk. was it milk? there you go. >> reporter: that's how most travelers know about harvey milk who became the first openly gay man elected to public office. >> before the movie milk a few years ago people forgot who harvey was. >> reporter: alex said the movie inspired him to join the club and this committee to ensure milk's name has a lasting place. >> the idea was to change the name of the airport. >> reporter: but the name sfo was on everything from bus shelters to fire hydrants, a brand travelers know and like. >> i prefer we keep sfo.
5:52 am
>> reporter: what about naming a terminal after harvey milk? >> that would be fine. >> reporter: that's what the city wants to do. the committee includes the giants. >> this is my first meeting like this. >> reporter: there are four terminals. everything was on the table. >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: they could even rename this road. >> basically name the airport address 1 harvey milk circle. >> reporter: travelers have their opinions. which terminal? >> i would say 3. >> reporter: they have another idea. they think they could get more attention by attaching it to the terminal still being built. >> it will be one of the largest terminals at the airport, very prominent for about 75% of the passengers entering the airport or drive by the terminal building. >> reporter: as the gateway to the domestic terminals, terminal 1 would be hard to miss. >> almost a no-brainer.
5:53 am
in this climate we're living in right now, it could not be -- >> reporter: the committee meets again may 22nd. harvey milk's birthday. at sfo, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> coming up, a morning run
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back, everyone. time now is 5:55. here are the winning numbers from last night's $90 million power ball drawing. 21, 349, 41, 48, 63. the power ball 6. nobody picked out 6 so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $100 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $31 million super lotto plus drawing, 39, 44, the meganumber 13. nobody picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday's jackpot goes up to $32 million. nasa has released stunning images of our planet taken this past year in honor of earth day.
5:56 am
nasa says this is the clearest view of human settlements across the western hemisphere. it looks like a piece of art. it is a portion of northwest canada's mek kenz i river delta. look at this photograph released a couple days ago. yes, that small spec you can see off in the distance contains each and every one of us. this is earth as seen from between saturn's icy rings. happening today, winners will show their need for speed at today's airport runway run. at the san carlos airport. participants will run the 2600-foot runway before continuing through the wetlands on bear island. then return to the airport and end at hiller aviation museum. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel will serve as the emcee. the sold out race starts at 8:00 this morning at the san carlos airport on airport way. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, french citizens here in the bay area cast their votes in a critical election in france where 47 million people are
5:57 am
expected to head to the polls. what's at stake coming up. plus, marching in support of science, the movement felt across the globe.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
it's sundaysu good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen, in for carolyn tyler. here's lisa argen with a first look at live doppler 7. >> good morning. the clouds beginning to break up. doppler 7 shows a mass of them right over the bay, they are insulating us keeping us warmer this morning. temperatures are pretty much all in the 50s. here's mount tamme. you can see the beginning of the sun coming up, 6:23 officially. 53 in san francisco, 57 in oakland. the exploratorium camera, winds are calm. they will get breezy today along the coast. 46 santa rosa, 49 by the


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